Aryan Public School, Ghazipur
Aryan Public School
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Affiliated to CBSE
Aryan School
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Aryan Public School

The Aryan Public School run by social organization (SHIV PUJAN MEMORIAL TRUST), inaugurated on 19th January 2013 by Honourable M.P Shri Neeraj Shekharji, who is the worthy son of our beloved former Prime minister of our country Late Chandra Shekharji , whose hardworking style will be a great source of inspiration to all of us. Aryan Public School, promotes the harmonious growth of the whole person - a synthesis of faith, life and culture, established in 2013. Aryan Public School is perceived as the ideal school for nurturing young scholars, set as a jewel and centrally placed in the city of Ghazipur, it remains a monument to the educational zeal of the people in particular and society as a whole. Aryan Public School offers educational opportunity to all learners from all communities, irrespective of caste, religion or social status. It prepares the students for life. Good close teaching helps them to discover and realize their own giftedness and personal dignity. Outreach programs help them raise their awareness of how fortunate they are and this assists them to get in touch with the gracious and providential God who is at work in their lives. By awakening a social conscience in each of them it is hoped that the desire in implanted in them to put something back into society. Aryan Public School has a faculty of dedicated teachers who within each one's strength and limitation, functions. We begin total dedicate ourselves to the welfare of every learner and for whom teaching is not a clinical exercise. We believe that all youth needs a supportive environment of good relationships based on trust, respect and empathy if they have to grow as responsible, honest, warm and caring adults. And , thus, we will work on it. Aryan public school has facilities for Special education in the junior wings as well as senior wings also. They school will treat all the sections of the society equally and take such steps that will bring all progress, prosperity and success in learner life.

Our Objectives are to …..

Lead through excellence in the realms of academics, culture, Sports and social services. Nurture the individual through providing a relevant, integrated learning environment. Develop confidence, self-belief, and the ability to work as part of a team. Encourage self-control, awareness and motivation, thereby encouraging empathy towards other and an appreciation of the differences among people. Create a safe, supportive, and friendly environment in which justice and equity are seen to prevail. Promote democratic principles, so that democracy is a lived experience based on respect for others, and for their opinions, beliefs, values and rights. Maintain strong moral, ethical and spiritual values that will improve our learners till their character building. Provide opportunities to exercise initiative and leadership by fully participating in the life of our school. Develop the potential for, and responsibilities of, leadership in areas of social and economic endeavor. Contribute to the future of humanity that is more valuable for making better progressive society.